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Donating Food is a Key Aspect of Islam
Donating food is a virtue that is promoted by Islam and this good gesture is mentioned in the Surah ‘Al-Insan’...
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Masjid Nabwi
Best Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) left behind a rich legacy of teachings and practices known as the...
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The Role of Islamic Scholars in Modern Society
    The issues addressed in this blog are dealt with in far greater detail in a full-length paper on...
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Benefits of Salah (Prayers) in Islam- According to the Quran & Hadith
Namaz (Salat) is one of the 5 most important pillars of Islam, that needs to perform five times a day....
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Benefits of Reading Qur'an
The Quran is a guidance for humanity. It is the eternal and literal word of Allah. It is a divine book...
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